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Book Guide

Download the Odd Animal Pronunciation Guide

Aye-Aye, genet, fossa? These odd animals have some odd names. Here is a little help on how to pronounce them.

Odd Animal Pronunciation Guide (docx)


For Teachers


How can you use Odd Animal ABC's in the classroom?

Odd Animal ABC's contains 53 animals (and one imaginary unicorn). All 53 of these animals, both classic and odd, are real live animals. 

  • Children can choose an animal and research one interesting fact, like wombat poop is square (yes, that's in the book!)
  • Children can do research and discover other real odd animals like the binturong or the pangolin.
  • Some of the odd animals, and some of the classics, are endangered. Children can come up with ways to help protect these amazing animals.

I'd love to hear how you used Odd Animal ABC's in your classroom. I'm most active on Twitter if you want to share a class story or photos.